The Three Lives of Cobie Frank

Cobie FrankEnglish coverAbout:
The Three Lives of Cobie Frank,
A Rotterdam Jewish resistance man. 

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The Jewish resistance in Rotterdam during the Second World War was significant. The main character of this book participated as a Jewish citizen of Netherland’s second city in the armed resistance and in the underground press. In the book we follow his life before, in and after the war. A life full of struggle and resistance. The rebellious personality of Cobie Frank manifested itself at a young age. He goes boxing and is skilled in Japanese martial arts. He miraculously escapes deportation and arrest. After the war he bites himself in publications about traitors and wrong compatriots, until the editorial staff of the daily Het Parool compels him to resign. During the last phase of life he visits various Native American tribes in in the southern states of the USA. There is the birth of a strong friendship with the chief and medicine man of the Crows. On his last trip he is ordained as a tribe member and receives the honorary title “Fights Alone”. The book contains many photos. Color printing.


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Mijn vriend, de dood – My friend, death

Irvin Yalom

De memoires van de beroemde joodse psychiater Irvin D. Yalom in zijn (laatste?) boek “Dicht bij het einde, terug naar het begin”

ontroeren en geven voedsel tot nadenken over hoe je in het leven staat en hoe de eindigheid van je leven onder ogen te zien.

The memoirs of the famous Jewish psychiatrist Irvin D. Yalom in his (last?) book “Becoming Myself,  a psychiatrist’s memoir

are emotional and give food to think about how you live and how to face the finiteness of your life.

Na vele, vele jaren lief en leed te hebben gedeeld in mijn intervisiegroep kreeg ik van een van mijn dierbare groepsleden als afscheid het prachtige, ontroerende boek: “Dicht bij het einde, terug naar het begin” van de beroemde joodse psychiater Irvin D. Yalom. Ik las het in één ruk uit, soms met tranen in mijn ogen. Een aanrader!

After many, many years for better or worse in my intervision group, I received from one of my dear group members as farewell this beautiful book of the famous Jewish psychiatrist Irvin D. Yalom . I read it in one go, sometimes with tears in my eyes. Recommended!




you bring flowers I do not see

play music I can’t enjoy

speak words I will not hear

but I love it all




a humming double bass
a sigh of wind through the branches
the splashing of the unruly river
under a stray moon
your mind still haunts around
only void in your place



een brommende contrabas
een zucht wind door de takken
de weerbarstige rivier klotst en sputtert
onder een verdwaalde maan
je geest waart hier nog rond
slechts leegte vult je plek




your face etched
on the circuit board of my memory
tattoo arms too emaciated
to enclose the child of your desire
you draw an ugly smile
on the horny channels keen
showing the progress of
swaying on the rhythm of beer
and drugs and sex
not meant for fun or relaxation
I see you standing there
in the center of the arena
I look in your wide brown eyes
no sisters of mercy at your side
only oversexed wild animals
money-grubbers with hungry lips
ready to suck the last drops of your
bewildered you shade your eyes
loose hold of a derailed life
twisted legs no longer obey
the commands of a disrupted band
I realize my silent crying
strong arms pull you away
from the stage that was not yours
©2015 EdjoFrank




bare feet in the sand
toes point to the sky
blood stains
on the cotton dress
folded as a flag
over the body

between the sand dunes
except for the high screams
of desert vultures
exercising patience

men with arms
heads covered with cloth
their lethal visit
by the silent witness
of tire tracks

layers of clotted salt
cover valleys
where once slots
intersected her face
tears dried long ago
when spirits flew
on a high wind
never to come back

she folds her hands
muttering words
only the mullah understands
wind pulling at her hair
as a tug trying
to free the wreck
battered against the rocks

in vain

what has been taken
will not be given
what was most precious
deprived of his soul
leaving behind
the senseless legacy
of elusive religion
in a confused world
of thoughts named

©2015 EdjoFrank