What’s happening ?

What’s happening ?

A series of tweets on 31 07 2010

What’s happening ? People are afraid….

What’s happening ? People are uncertain….

What’s happening ? People loosing savings, jobs, home, security….

What’s happening ? People feel betrayed by their congressmen….

What’s happening ? People no longer grasp the changing world around….

What’s happening ? Immigration, segregation, discrimination, violation, isolation….

What’s happening ? Revolutionary change in technology, demography, in global economy….

What’s happening ? Financial powers steal tax generated money in their private interests….

What’s happening ? Old leaders on the run and mixed-up with untruthful behavior….

What’s not happening ? Common progressive answers to the needs of a changing world….

What’s not happening ? Coordinated policies on climate change and responsible heritage of our planet….

What’s not happening ? Stepping forward of charismatic leadership based on the positive and creative abilities and power of all….

What’s necessary ? Formulating challenging programs that invite people to unite and take action….

What’s necessary? Confidence in ourselves, our friends and all of you sharing this world

What’s happening ? What or whom are we waiting for ????


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