Darfur Suffers While the World Looks Away

Darfur Suffers While the World Looks Away

Tuesday 3 August 2010 printSend this article by mail Send

By Anne Bartlett*

“The situation in Darfur has reached crisis pitch. In the camps of the region people face food shortages, malnutrition, disease, violence and abuse.”
“The situation is not much better elsewhere either. In the towns of the region such as Nyala and El-Fasher, locals face hyperinflation in the markets and a security environment that can only be likened to the Wild West. Residents trying to get on with their daily lives face kidnap, looting, car-jacking and summary execution by marauding militias. In the rural areas, in places like Leibei, Jebel Marra, men are killed and women are raped if they try to collect water for their families from the local waterhole. If they go to the market areas they face a similar fate. In western Darfur around the village of Mornei, locals who were encouraged to go back to their land are confronted by camel-riding militias with plough machines who destroy new crops and savagely beat those who have returned to teach them a lesson.”
Se complete report under the tab -interesting to read- or at http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article35840


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