The Morocco Rif trail

Spending 2 weeks in the region between Tanger, Fes en Nador, in the northern part of Morocco and the Rif mountains. gave some input for a series of short Gogyohka poems.

On the white blanket
Blood stains
Of love
Closed the door
Where spring ended
> The Morocco Rif trail (1)

Delicately draped
Silk veils
Her beauty
> The Morocco Rif trail (2)

Only two eyes
Without a face
Kohl lines border
These almonds
Of hopeful desire
> The Morocco Rif trail (3)

Spears of sunrays
Pierce the donkeys
In desert land
For nothing
> The Morocco Rif trail (4)

Less than a shape
Less than a veil
Less than a voice
Less than a choice
Her name is woman
> The Morocco Rif trail (5)

Dark street night
Mother crouched
Alms pleading hand
Kid with schoolwork
At her side
> The Morocco Rif trail (6)

White djellaba
Black beard long
Inspecting the place
To sit down
With two veiled women
> The Morocco Rif trail (7)

This land
Older than
The Lord himself
Clinging to the past
Longing for the future
> The Morocco Rif trail (8)

On the Rif trail
White stones
Have no places
To rest in
Clouds of dust
> The Morocco Rif trail (9)

Hear the birds you don’t see
Smell the waters you don’t find
Feel the heat you can’t avoid
See the shadow that isn’t there
Taste the flavors of the Rif trail
> The Morocco Rif trail (10)


2 responses to “The Morocco Rif trail

  1. wow, beautifully written… full of wonderfully vivid imagery.

  2. What wonderful words you offer us here. There are many things that we can learn from this way of life. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful.

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