they whispered
like lovers do

things to hear
only for their ears
days and days
nights and nights

there was so much to say
about the future and the past
about being there
side by side

eyes intertwined
everlasting faith
they listened
like lovers do

the song of birds
only for them to hear
standing near
touching their breath

days and days
nights and nights

so much to be told
about being young
about getting old
side by side

seasons to come
seasons to go
resting near
share their life

days and days
nights and nights

they survived
the cruelty of war
they enjoyed
the delights of peace

these wise trees
they know real love
as time goes on
as time goes by

being here
respecting their presence
days and days
nights and nights

they endured
havoc and pollution
these precious trees
they preserve our life

waiting here
for us to understand

their whispers
like lovers do


9 responses to “LIKE LOVERS DO

  1. Edjo!

    such a great poem. Of course thinking your inspiration a love poem of people. And find it deeper even. Stood still for a moment to listen. Will now always hear the rustle of trees as lovers. Thank you…


  2. Lieve broer,

    Wat heb je toch weer een prachtig gedicht gemaakt. Vooral die bomen als 2 geliefden in voor en tegenspoed zijn zo uit mijn hart gegrepen en doen mij denken aan wat tussen Leon en mij speelt. Zal het hem laten lezen zoals ik het al met eerdere epistels deed. Ga vooral zo door….

  3. Really liked this one. Thankyou.

  4. It’s beautiful! Magnetic! … touching!
    Love it. Keep with the good work

  5. LLLove in natureove in0
    ove in nature how serene…

  6. quite lovely… Bravo! To echo Mona: majestic.

    Here is my poem

  7. apt words…
    cute writing…
    keep it up…

    I invite you to participate in poets rally week 34.
    follow the ping back link and place your poem in,
    poetry awards are assigned upon completion.
    Happy Monday!
    The Deadline is Wednesday


  8. A strong message here !! lovely poetry !

  9. Beautiful and simple 🙂

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