Two New Weblogs concerning the Holocaust Haiku project

Two new weblogs has been launched, completely dedicated to the Haiku poetry project TRAGEDIES TO REMEMBER, A TRIBUTE.

The simular weblogs are in

The project consists of a series of Haiku poems on the Holocaust, the extinguishing of the European Jews during World War II, and forms a tribute to all victims and survivors, especially the great number of known and unknown members of my family.

The Dutch painter, illustrator and graphic artist Diana van – is realizing a number of paintings for this project, that will serve as illustrations for the poetry book and also for panels of a traveling exposition, together with the projected poems.

This poetry project is in the last stage of development.The English manuscript is finished . The Dutch version is in the writing stage at this moment, and will adopt the title OM NOOIT TE VERGETEN (Never to Forget).

The poertry manuscript has already found its way to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem and the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum in Galilea, Israel. With the Museum Herinneringskamp Westerbork in the Netherlands is consultation to organize an exposition in the first half of 2011.

Both weblogs will frequently publish fresh information on the project, the realization, news and media, and the agenda with activities to come.

I invite you warmly to take a look at the English weblog TRAGEDIES TO REMEMBER and the Dutch weblog OM NOOIT TE VERGETEN.


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