Glorious Mountains

with mighty gestures
shoulders wide with snow and ice
residing silent mountains

their seats placed
long times ago
to comfort for ages

legs stretched laid back
arms gently folded
white heads towards the clouds

grounded on the earth
millions evolved tales
reflecting with silent dignity

they hear the winds
they bear the cold
unquestioned in acceptance

cradle of rivers
safe home to birds
fertilizing all green life

bedight with names
given by mankind
representing the holy ones

thanks their greatness
men urged to sobriety
in creation’s respect

seeing generations come
knowing generations go
alleviating our lament

glorious mountains
owing respect and mindfulness
for their lasting presence

2 responses to “GLORIOUS MOUNTAINS

  1. Mooi de grootheid van de bergen weergegeven…

  2. This is beautiful. In my mindfulness meditation I picture myself as a mountain – standing strong and tall, weathering all storms, standing proud – I love the imagery in this poem 🙂

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