words with a meaning
but not understood
his head tumbles
in a cheerful mood
he stands over there
swaying in the middle
the crowded street
people are watching
motorcars hoot

arms like a wind mill
his shirt hanging loose
under a jeans jack
striped pajama pants
drunk without booze
tip toeing bare feet
he turns around
people are laughing
he quakes as a cleat

the fool in the rain
enjoying his audience
mimics an airplane
uncontrollable dance
children start clapping
he moves in a trance
spins and whirls
people are smiling
under their umbrellas

they call him retarded
he is not aware
traffic is jamming
the crowd does not care
he is showing his belly
like a dancing queen
shouting loud filthy
they call it obscene
police is arriving

pressed on the pavement
his hands on his back
he fights as a lion
banging his head
screaming and moaning
put under arrest
the audience grinning
leaving the scene
their shopping day blessed

One response to “THE FOOL IN THE STREET

  1. One man’s downfall is the entertainment of another?

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