in your eyes
that deep bluish
cleaved with small fish-bone hair
in shivering fish flesh
as a numb mackerel
the smoked skin fretted
with drained yellowy urine
discloses the emptiness of the end
no, that direction is not mine
in your eyes
that deep bluish
with black brindles
there in that deepest deep
I wish to sink
unto the bottom of the ocean
where no mackerels can live
where no light penetrates
into the soul of your past
where the stars in the sky
do not shine
where the stars of the sea
float motionless
the firmament of memories
absorbed in the black hole
the nucleus, the uterus
where your deep blue eyes
lack the warmth
that my blood wished to give
so let me sink
sink, sink
into the still saltishness of the water
into the sea of consolatory end
unto the cold nothingness
of your deep blue eyes


One response to “DEEP BLUE EYES

  1. Heel triest dat het einde van het leven is soms de enige manier om vrede te hebben.

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