This morning I was wandering in the wetlands near my house.
There was nobody and nothing making noise.

There was only the creation of nature.
Then there was that single scream.
Only one scream.
Followed by silence.
And I realized.
In the end we are all by ourselves.
We all are Remy.
Without a family.
Sans Famille – Hector Mallot (1878).

Alleen op de wereld - Hector Mallot

stuck in stillness
one single scream
distant presence
young buzzard

#gogyohka #micropoetry
© 2012 Edjo Frank


from the very moment
we find birth
thanks to
a mother and a father
we are busy
building a life
we grow up
go to school
obtain wisdom
work for a living
make friends
may be a family
and then
sooner or later
we realize
our vulnerability
our helplessness
we have to leave
all this behind
and walk
whole of the road
or part of it
to the end
being the orphan
of our time

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