painting by Barbara Kruyt

and what
if your voice
in the sky
and your face
wanders alone
on the empty road
of our life
these days are
cruel and senseless

and I see
darkness escape
and silver threads
downstream your cheeks
when the morning cries

and what
if I misunderstood
there is not more
in this life
and in the outer world
to explore
than your love
to enjoy
and your tenderness
to receive
and my fiery desire

and I hear
waters splash
and colorize
the swell of love
when the morning lies

and what
if I could master
the secret ways
of time to come
of time to go
and the child in you
never grows old
rests in the sun
welcomes the night

and I feel
this pulse of life
and your touch
gently fades
when the morning dies

4 responses to “WOMAN IN THE MORNING

  1. This is a powerfully beautiful poem, Edjo, and a breathtaking image. I see all the colors and layers of your poetry reflected in the woman and the morning. Thank you for sharing!

    • thank you Naomi, I appreciate your comment very much!
      Visited your weblog this morning – liked your work with the two little girls at the fench.
      A summer hug for you.

  2. Beautiful, evocative poetry…love this 🙂

  3. Beautiful, breathtaking – so simply expressed

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