some things only happen
in dreams
some eyes do not see
what happens

these hands
touch the lines of age
in your face
follow the curves
of the time

hear the whisper
from moistened lips
words that are no words
only a meaning
for those who listen

a breath is just a breath
hanging in the air
you embrace
the single moment
we are one

thoughts merge
in the soul
of endless memories
in the hands
of a child

peace of mind
without structure
nor form of birth
created outside
forthcoming by itself

bells raise their voice
countless tones
float in the air
low the sounds
the spirits high

life strides away
on bows of light
and a smile
meets the stars

©2013 EdjoFrank

2 responses to “LIFE A DREAM NEARBY

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  2. You have been nominated for an award. Please see here:

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