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a humming double bass
a sigh of wind through the branches
the splashing of the unruly river
under a stray moon
your mind still haunts around
only void in your place



een brommende contrabas
een zucht wind door de takken
de weerbarstige rivier klotst en sputtert
onder een verdwaalde maan
je geest waart hier nog rond
slechts leegte vult je plek





your face etched
on the circuit board of my memory
tattoo arms too emaciated
to enclose the child of your desire
you draw an ugly smile
on the horny channels keen
showing the progress of
swaying on the rhythm of beer
and drugs and sex
not meant for fun or relaxation
I see you standing there
in the center of the arena
I look in your wide brown eyes
no sisters of mercy at your side
only oversexed wild animals
money-grubbers with hungry lips
ready to suck the last drops of your
bewildered you shade your eyes
loose hold of a derailed life
twisted legs no longer obey
the commands of a disrupted band
I realize my silent crying
strong arms pull you away
from the stage that was not yours
©2015 EdjoFrank




bare feet in the sand
toes point to the sky
blood stains
on the cotton dress
folded as a flag
over the body

between the sand dunes
except for the high screams
of desert vultures
exercising patience

men with arms
heads covered with cloth
their lethal visit
by the silent witness
of tire tracks

layers of clotted salt
cover valleys
where once slots
intersected her face
tears dried long ago
when spirits flew
on a high wind
never to come back

she folds her hands
muttering words
only the mullah understands
wind pulling at her hair
as a tug trying
to free the wreck
battered against the rocks

in vain

what has been taken
will not be given
what was most precious
deprived of his soul
leaving behind
the senseless legacy
of elusive religion
in a confused world
of thoughts named

©2015 EdjoFrank

Kristallnacht 9th November 1938


KRISTALLNACHT 9th November 1938

no tears on her cheeks
but rivers deep inside
words dried in her head
the loss that always cried
faces in the clouds
never saw the sun
darkened by the past
they stole the painter’s paint
and burnt the poet’s dream
they broke the clarinet
and crushed the violin
they raped the freedom call
the books containing truth

the light of life
beheaded from its root
and the little girl
she cried
her doll torn into parts
the bayonets of shouts
that killed the mother soul
the nightmare picture
stored deep inside

eyes once soft
stones of cold glass
the sepia surrealism
deprived of form
she speaks in silence
hollow words
not meant be understood

there is music
from the stars
the sound not as it should
dissonances disturb
familiar harmonies
into dark voiced tympanis
drowning, drowning
sorrowful thoughts
of shameful histories
of broken Kristall
into lamentations
into a never ending Nacht

© 2011 EdjoFrank
Published in Journal of Jewish Studies



the creation of the world must be the work of an inimitable artist

Biesbosch national park, early morning 26-10-2013 Iphone photo ejf


Every year in The Netherlands between 6,000 and 10,000 migrants without residence permits are being detained in special migrant detention centres. They have not been convicted, neither are they suspected of a punishable act.


Dolmatov asylum failings not an isolated incident, experts say

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Failings such as those in the treatment of Russian asylum seeker Aleksander Dolmatov, who killed himself when he was wrongly scheduled for deportation, are not uncommon, experts have told Nos television.

A damning report last week said organisations, procedures and systems throughout the chain for dealing with asylum applications had failed, as had those supporting Dolmatov with legal and medical help.

But doctors told the broadcaster medical staff make mistakes more often and officials are sometimes unaware of the status of asylum seekers who end up in secure accommodation.


In 2010, there were 120 complaints made about mistakes but so far this year 64 formal complaints have been made. Most of these related to medical and psychiatric care, the broadcaster said.

Last week, for example, an asylum seeker at a centre in Utrecht was shot by police after he went bezerk when they came to fetch him for deportation, the broadcaster said. According to the man’s lawyer, his case was still being investigated.

On Thursday, junior justice minister Fred Teeven will answer MPs questions about the Dolmatov case. Commentators say he is likely to face tough question as well as calls for his resignation.

Aleksander Dolmatov, arrested last May during a demonstration opposing president Vladimir Putin, applied for political asylum in the Netherlands in June, saying he feared for his life.

He was found dead in a detention centre in early January where he had been sent to await deportation after his application for asylum failed


Happy New Year !

someone blows the shofar
and all the grains of sand
all over the Middle East
wait in hope
welcoming peace