Darfur Calling


Why is it so hard to get war to an end
When is the time that we reach out a hand
Which powers supplying the weapons in land
Who are the chasers of the oil in the sand

Shame on the chiefs of the mass raping men
Shame on the leaders who don’t give a damn
Shame on the countries serving self-interest
Shame on the nations that wait for the rest

Look at the children their eyes filled with tears
Look at the women bearing traumatic fears
Look at the desperation of humiliated men
Look at tired aid workers do what they can

Yes we can guarantee the end of hostilities
Of course we grant the safety of refugees
Indeed we will prosecute the crimes in Darfur
Supporting dismissed people is priority for sure

But what is the value of UN leadership meetings
Resolutions agreed but no sanctions applied
When will we listen to Sudan peoples sufferings
And give commitment to Darfur’s human rights


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