Kristallnacht – November 1938


no tears on her cheeks

but rivers deep inside

words dried in her head

the loss that always cried

faces in the clouds

never saw the sun

darkened by the past

they stole the painter’s paint

and burnt the poet’s dream

they broke the clarinet

and crushed the violin

they raped the freedom call

the books containing truth



the light of life

beheaded from its root

and the little girl

she cried

her doll torn into parts

the bayonets of shouts

that killed the mother soul

the nightmare picture

stored deep inside



eyes once soft


stones of cold glass


the sepia surrealism

deprived of form

she speaks in silence

hollow words

not meant be understood



there is music

from the stars

the sound not as it should

dissonances disturb

familiar harmonies

into dark voiced tympanis

drowning, drowning

sorrowful thoughts

of shameful histories

of broken Kristall

into lamentations

into a never ending Nacht

© 2011 Edjo Frank


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