The seagull and the ship

Spent some good time on a Rotterdam terrace at the harbor side in the sun – seagulls were guiding the ships where to go –

I couldn’t make up my mind – be better the seagull or the ship ? Perhaps a seagull on the railing of the ship ? I nipped at my coca-cola ice

The seagull dropped her shit on the table, just beside the glass of coke. She squealed as if to say to me – you are a dreamer

And yes, the ship had gone, the seagull flew away, and I did not know something better to do than drink my coke and wait for the next ship

And the waitress asked if I wished another drink or wanted to pay the bill. And I looked at her and I thought –

Yes, you are sailing around the tables as a ship. I do not know your destination, perhaps I sit on your railing and imagine I’m a seagull

But if you are not amused of my presence, then I fly back to that terrace and drop a shit on the next table, may be –

So please, don’t look so bored, serve someone else and let me sit in the sun, drink my coke and dream my dream


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