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stop mijn woorden in een fles
knoop mijn strofen aan een vlieger
hoog op de wind
voorbij de zee
aan de bron van Hippocrene
zal mijn gedicht de aarde vinden
en jou beminnen, lieve muze
al is het voor één nacht

put these words into a bottle
my verses bound to kite’s tail
high on the wind
beyond the sea
at the source of Hippocrene
my poem will touch earth
and love you, dear muse
if for a single night

©2014 EdjoFrank



In Love

in my dream
man and woman
in love
muscle vibration
sweat pours
low light
flood high

in my dream
man groans
in love
soft exclamation
words flow
voice low
breath tight

in my dream
woman trembles
in love
drowning temptation
fluid touch
time still
eyes bright

©2012 EdjoFrank



in a little while
birds will enjoy their offspring
caress ears and eyes

in a little while
I will make you a coffee
we silence in peace

in a little while
the voice of future ’s calling
your name on my lips

in a little while
you will kiss my eyes
and I will hold you

in a little while
our souls merge to completion
and breath will be one


That’s why God loves mankindThat’s why God loves mankind

letter in a bottle
his heart excited
smashed the glass
looked inside
read three words
leave me alone

the waves laughed
tumbling to shore
shells clasped hands
he turned away
broken bottle
crumbled letter
shaking hands

seagulls walking the flood line
the wind salted his lips
feet sunk in wet sand
a new life

the sun winked an eye
he smiled
tore away his t-shirt
his breast kissed by her morning lips
a day to feel free

on top of the dunes
the white dress maiden
long hair waving
a long dreamed welcome

rushed down the beach
meeting half way
Neptune’s fork
drawing two hearts
in millions of sand grains

amidst the sea symphony
the hallelujah of birds
two Creation’s children
in the melting ballet
of love

they did not see the water
they did not see the sea
they did not hear the seabirds
calling at thee
they only heard their hearts beat
making them free
that’s why God is loving mankind

Moving On Your Tide

moving on your tide
in the deep blue
hold me tight
cold sandy breasts
be my shell


sliding down restless
in the deep blue
see through me
big eye tuna
be my guide


waiting in seaweed
in the deep blue
care for me
colorful corals
be my buoy


dying in freedom
in the deep blue
comb my hair
precious fish tails
be my refuge


they whispered
like lovers do

things to hear
only for their ears
days and days
nights and nights

there was so much to say
about the future and the past
about being there
side by side

eyes intertwined
everlasting faith
they listened
like lovers do

the song of birds
only for them to hear
standing near
touching their breath

days and days
nights and nights

so much to be told
about being young
about getting old
side by side

seasons to come
seasons to go
resting near
share their life

days and days
nights and nights

they survived
the cruelty of war
they enjoyed
the delights of peace

these wise trees
they know real love
as time goes on
as time goes by

being here
respecting their presence
days and days
nights and nights

they endured
havoc and pollution
these precious trees
they preserve our life

waiting here
for us to understand

their whispers
like lovers do